House Music Shirt Collection

Easy and Quick Watch about my Merch line.

Some of you know this Merch line that I created called the "Love House Music Collection" has been out for a while but many of you don't know the story/inspiration behind the designs and why I even made a merch line at this point in my career. 

These are some of the nicest House Music T-shirts I have seen online. I took my time, being thoughtful and intentional with each design, making it a reflection of me, and my appreciation for House Music. But at the same time it's not a bunch of Brodie Nero T-shirt's with my name on every design LOL.

Grab a piece from this collection while you can. As things continue to pick up for me, I'll take down the designs and likely never release them again!

Catch you soon! Thanks again for being a part of the community!


- Brodie Nero